Never forget the obscure

I feel really let down by this warstory. It had so much potential to be a really good warstory but your horrible prediction really let it down. The worst part is, you yourself said you probably could have played better if you paid attention to the team preview. Your formatting was good, commentary was lacking and the actual battle was pretty horrible.

Perish song forced the switch, so I can finally get my rocks up without that pesky Espeon bouncing them right back. The shedinja switch surprised me however as that was a very risky move if I had leech seed, which was still possible at this point due to only revealing rocks. If I had changed to anything else though, this would have been perfect so perhaps this was an overprediction on his part.

Just going to point out that his ditto had transformed into your ferro at the start of the match so he knew your moveset beforehand.

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